Positive Pressure Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

Good pressure dense stage pneumatic conveying program

1System introduction

This conveying approach makes use of a gasoline strain greater than one kg / cm2 and utilizes good strain to push the material via the conveying pipeline, so it is often referred to as a substantial stress-lower speed program. The method has a low gasoline-to-material ratio. The original pace of this technique is about 120m / min and the pace is about 1200m / min larger than the initial at the finish . The stress of the conveying pipeline is typically 3kg / cm2, and it is nearly zero at the stop of the program. This system utilizes an air compressor as the power source, and its impressive function is that the conveying pace is reduced, and the affect on substance quality is small.
At current, it has been quite substantial to use high-strain dense phase system , and at the very same time, different conveying approaches can be selected for distinct conveying materials in order to maximize the use of performance, performance and financial rewards. This strategy is usually appropriate for long distances of transportation pipelines and fantastic, granular, abrasive and non-abrasive materials and other components that are tough to transport. This sort of as PVC powder, bauxite, cotton sugar, milk powder, soda powder, fluorite powder, aluminum fluoride, silicone powder and so on. The program is mainly composed of a sending tank, a transmission pipeline, a pipeline intensifier, and an digital handle component.

2Work movement

For the duration of the feeding method, the materials passes by means of the double butterfly valve or the enlargement butterfly valve, and is included into the sending tank beneath the motion of gravity. The replaced air is released by way of the exhaust valve, thus making the feeding simpler. Once the sending tank is crammed (the content level shows that the content reaches ninety% of the tank quantity), the feeding valve and exhausting valve are shut and sealed at the exact same time.
The gasoline source of the line intensifier is equipped by another set of hooked up pipes. The major purpose of this pipeline is to provide the gas resource for the intensifier on the main conveying pipeline. Even though boosting the primary pipeline, the supercharger helps prevent the supplies in the conveying pipeline from entering the supercharger and the auxiliary pipeline through its internal examine system. For resources that are very tough to transportation or have a big particular gravity, the set up length in between the turbochargers is short, and vice versa. When the materials inside of the transmission line is nearly vacant, the strain drop in the sending tank is zero, at this time the fuel provide valve is shut immediately, and the remaining gas is discharged out of the transmission line.
The technique is characterised by a reduce gas flow rate and a reduce shipping and delivery force all through the shipping approach.

3 Rewards

It can realize lengthy-distance non-blocking pipe conveyance, much more types of supplies can be conveyed, and running fees can be saved to a huge extent. It is a have to-match for higher-end conveyance needs.


Positive Pressure Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System