Heavy Duty PE Polyethylene UHMW HDPE Marine Dock Bumper

Weighty Duty PE Polyethylene UHMW HDPE Maritime Dock Bumper


Fender panels distribute reaction forces to supply reduced hull pressures and cope with huge tidal versions. They can also be developed to resist line hundreds from belted ships, or even stage loads in specific cases. Optional lead-in bevels reduce the snagging risk, although brackets (where necessary) give highly protected connection details for chains. Shut box patterns are employed virtually solely – all fully sealed, and force checked. Corrosion defense is supplied by high sturdiness C5M course paint programs to CZPT, and added corrosion allowances can be designed where required.

Features & Alternatives
Closed box metal composition
Inner structural users
Blind boss fender connections
Stress tested for drinking water tightness
C5M modified epoxy paint*

*OTHER Options Obtainable
Polyurethane topcoat (RAL5005 blue)
†Alternative colours on ask for
Studs for UHMW-PE face pads
Chain brackets
Lifting factors
Lead-in bevels and chamfers
Specification & Design and style

PANEL Technical specs AND Styles Must Contemplate: 

  1. Hull pressures and tidal range
  2. Direct-in bevels and chamfers
  3. Bending moment and shear
  4. Nearby buckling
  5. Limit point out load elements
  6. Metal quality
  7. Permissible stresses
  8. Weld sizes and types
  9. Strain examination technique
  10. Rubber fender connections
  11. UHMW-PE attachment
  12. Chain connections
  13. Lifting details
  14. Paint techniques
  15. Corrosion allowance
  16. Upkeep and provider daily life



  1. –Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistant than steel
  2. –Anti-Weather & Anti-Aging
  3. –Self-lubricating, Very low coefficient of friction
  4. –Excellent chemical & corrosion resistant
  5. –superior impact resistant, Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption 
  6. –High tensile Strength
  7. –Non-Toxic and smell
  8. –UV resistance and ozone
  9. –Flame Retardant Relatively low in water absorption
  10. –Excellent electrical properties
  11. –Good performance in resisting environment stress crack, 200 times of ordinary PE
  12. –No adhesion  
  13. –Light weight and easier to handle and fix
  14. –Cost efficient Resulting in low energy consumption
  15. –Does not rot, split or crack 100% recyclable 
  16. –Great liner material for industrial material handling applications
  17. –Easy Reprocessed  plastic ground protection mat 
  18. -Creats an instant roadway over virtually any type of terrain – mud, sand, marshy, uneven or soft terrain 
  19. – Extremely durable to withstand vehicle weights up to 80 tons
  20. – Tested in extremes of hot and cold climate


  1. Fender panel (body) experience pads
  2. Rubbing strips
  3. V-fender shields
  4. Lock entrance and wall protection
  5. Bridge buttress safety
  6. Beltings on workboats


  1. House
  1. Take a look at Technique
  1. Outcomes
  1. Density
  1. DIN 53479
  1. 930~950 kg /mthree
  1. Molecular bodyweight
  1. Light diffusion approach
  1. ~4000000 g/mol
  1. Friction coefficient
  1. DIN53375
  1. ~.2
  1. Generate power
  1. DIN53455
  1. ≥20N/mm2
  1. Elongation at break
  1. DIN53455
  1. ≥200%
  1. Ball indentation hardness
  1. DIN53456
  1. ≥ 30N/mmtwo
  1. Shore hardness
  1. DIN53505
  1. sixty one~70 shore D

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Heavy Duty PE Polyethylene UHMW HDPE Marine Dock Bumper