Grain Screw Conveyor Hanger Shaft Adalah

Merchandise Description

TLSS Sequence Screw CZPT is utilised for conveying powdery, granular and small block supplies in grain, oil and feed mills of different scale.


Doing work Theory

It is consist of a driving device, a head, a feeding inlet, a screw human body, a conveying part, suspension bearings and a tail.

In the course of procedure, components are fed into the conveying section via feeding inlet of conveyor, a thrust is made to materials via screw blade and resources are pushed out from the feeding inlet to the discharge end.



Compact in construction, simple in procedure, and practical in installation and routine maintenance

Direct-coupling or chain travel can be adopted according to technological requirements

The framework is reasonable, secure and reputable

Corresponding sealing types these kinds of as bolstered seal may possibly be picked according to the material property, conveying surroundings and so on

High output, minimal vitality use.

Very good sealing, minimal sounds, lower residue.

The functioning areas are laser-cut, mechanically bent and welded.

Screw blade is repeatedly hot rolled and has excellent use resistance.

CZPT shaft tube is produced of seamless steel pipe with substantial energy and large coaxiality.



CZPT Parameter


Speed (rpm)

Capability (m3/h)





70~eighty five



70~eighty five









70~eighty five







120~a hundred and fifty

Solution Image

Packing Shipping

First, the brown rice is fed to rice polisher by way of screw head. the floor of the rice grain is polished by friction beneath a certain strain and temperature. By means of the sprucing treatment, not only the floating surface area of the rice grain can be cleared, but also the starch is pregelatinized and gelatinized on the surface area of the rice starch, and the starch gelatinization helps make up for cracks, therefore acquiring the clean visual appeal, improving the storage existence of the rice, as a result polished rice is very needed.


Our Service

[Consulting Support] Our consultant provides you with pre-product sales experience consulting providers, technique evaluation, providing the best engineering answer

[CZPT Service] Set up particular project team of technical, installation and sales for you. to layout, set up and commissioning a complete established of equipments, whole procedure monitoring service.

[Education Provider] Our specialists in engineering and administration give you long term manufacturing, procedure, management, routine maintenance and other professional capabilities coaching, to support you practice operation, technologies, administration staff.

[CZPT Part Support] We offers substantial-high quality and reputable original equipment. And the services facilities also maintain shop of a specified number of common accessories to meet the desire of speedy provide.

[Site provider] Our services engineer goes deep into your internet site to remedy functional problems. Perform on-site coaching on the use of merchandise and seek for advancement of a new way of contemplating and strategy to decrease cost and enhance effectiveness.



1. What is the supply time of this machine if we ebook purchase proper now?

We will supply your get inside thirty-60days rely on different of equipment.

2. How do you pack this equipment for exporting?

We will offer packing which is suitable for the agreed indicates of transportation and for the foreseeable circumstances of storage at the vacation spot.

3. How can we make inspection prior to shipping?

We welcome you deliver your inspection manager come to our manufacturing facility for inspection or you can nominate global the 3rd element inspection organization.

4. What is the guarantee for your machine?

If any defect or non-conformity arising from defective layout, materials, we shall remove defects or exchange device.

5. What is the installation necessity of this machine?

The foundation of the device should be with ample strength to support the weight of the machine.

There ought to be adequate room all around the equipment for upkeep and inspection.

Grain Screw Conveyor Hanger Shaft Adalah