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Merchandise Description

CZPT Properly Enterprise Constrained specializes in Automatic CZPTs & Home windows&interval Relying on our excellent organization overall performance and R&D&comma we have enjoyed a globally recognized status in effectively supplying quality items at aggressive charges and skilled complex companies to a broad rage of clientele CZPT&period of time We focus in distinct items&comma doorways and home windows&comma door relevant equipment&comma and varieties of door openers&period We are often all set to give the professinal provider for you&period 

Garage doorway hinges

Garage CZPT Hinge&comma for Non-finger protection panel&colon
one&period Item&periodNo for hinges&colon MAS0001&period1&comma MAS0001&period2&comma MAS0001&period3&comma MAS0001&period4&comma MAS0001&period5&comma MAS0002
two&interval Material&colon Zinc plating & standard galvanized metal&semi 
three&interval Steel thickness&colon one&period8 mm&comma two&period0 mm&semi 
4&period of time Completed area for 40mm thick panel with non-finger defense&semi 
5&interval For eleven mm&comma 4” stem rollers only &semi 
six&period Type&colon garage door hinge&period

Garage CZPT Hinge for finger safety
one&time period Product No&period of time for hinges&colon MAS5711&comma MAS0501&comma MAS0601&commaMAS0801&comma MAS1001&comma MAS0501DB&comma MAS1101&commaMAS 0571 &comma MAS5712&comma MAS5712&periodB&comma MAS0502&comma MAS0602&comma MAS0802&comma MAS1002&comma MAS1102&comma MAS0302&semi
2&period Materials&colon Normal galvanized steel&semi
three&time period Steel thickness&colon two&period0mm&semi 
4&period Completed surface area for panel thickness forty mm with finger protection&semi 
five&period of time For 11mm stem roller only&time period

Best and base roller brackets
Prime roller bracket
1&period Top bracket model&colon MAS0003&comma MAS0803&comma MAS0703&comma MAS0603&semi 
two&interval Thickness&colon one&period5mm&comma 2&period0mm&semi 
three&period Material&colon metal&solgalvanized steel&semi 
4&time period Use for common solitary keep track of components&semi 
five&period For 11 mm stem rollers only&interval

Base roller  bracket
1&period Top bracket design&colon MAS0003&comma MAS0803&comma MAS0703&comma MAS0603&semi 
2&period of time Thickness&colon one&period5mm&comma 2&period0mm&semi 
3&period Material&colon steel&solgalvanized steel&semi 
4&interval Use for normal single observe hardware&semi 
five&time period For eleven mm stem rollers only&interval

CZPT brackets

Central bearing bracket
one&period Model&colonMAS5715&comma MAS005&comma MAS0605&semi 
2&period of time Length&colon 65mm&comma 84mm&semi 
three&period Thickness&colon two&period0mm &sol 2&period5mm &sol three&period0mm&semi 
four&periodMaterial&colon metal&solZinc plating&semi
five&time period The bearing bracket is give with a one” bearing mounted&period 
Aspect bearing bracket 
one&period Model&colon MAS0606&semi
two&period of time Length&colon 60mm &sol 84mm&semi 
3&period Content&colon Zinc Plating&semi
4&period Thickness&colon 2&period5mm&semi 
five&period of time Both  still left and right are CZPT&period of time

CZPT anti-crack
1&period Model&colon MAS0505&comma MAS0305&semi
2&interval Equipped with 1” bearing&semi 
3&period For 2”5&sol8&comma 3”3&sol4&comma 1”3&sol4&comma 2” torsion spring&semi
4&period Material&colon Steel&solZinc plating&interval

Garage doorway rollers

Nylon roller
one&period Model&colon MAS0007&comma MAS0707&comma MAS0807&comma MAS0907&semi
2&time period Stem&colon 4”&sol7 ball&comma 7”&sol11 ball&comma 4”&sol Precision 6200ZZ&comma 7”&sol Precision 6200ZZ&comma 11 ball&semi
three&periodDiameter&colon 2”&comma for 2” track only&period of time

Steel roller
1&period Model&colon MAS0507&comma MAS0607&comma MAS0608&semi
two&period Stem&colon 4”&sol 10 ball&comma 7”&sol 10 ball&comma 7”&sol ten ball&period of time
three&period Diameter&colon 2”&comma 3”&comma for 2”&comma 3”track&interval

Cable drums

Normal lifting cable drums for torsion spring technique
1&interval Product&colon MAS0013&periodNL8&comma MAS0013&periodNL12&comma MAS0013&periodNL12B&comma MAS0013&periodNL10&comma MAS0013&periodNL18&comma MAS0013&periodNL18B&comma MAS0013&periodNL32&comma MAS0013&periodNL32B&semi
2&period Max lifting top&colon 8’&comma 10’&comma 12′ 18’&comma 32’&semi 
three&interval Max cable diameter&colon one&sol8”&comma 3&sol16”&comma five&sol32”&comma 1&sol4”&period of time

Vertical lifting cable drums for torsion spring system
1&time period Design&colon MAS571&periodVL11&comma MAS571&periodVL11B&comma MAS571&periodVL18&comma MAS571&periodVL28B&semi
2&period of time Max lifting peak&colon 11”&comma 18”&comma 28”&semi
three&period of time Max cable diameter&colon 3&sol16”&comma 1&sol4”&period

Substantial lifting cable drums for torsion spring system
1&interval Model&colon MAS571&periodVL11&comma MAS571&periodVL11B&comma MAS571&periodVL18&comma MAS571&periodVL28B
2&period Max lifting peak&colon 54” vertical&plus120”&sol180”&comma 120” vertical&plus144”&comma 164” vertical&plus229”&semi
3&period Max cable diameter&colon 1&sol8”&comma three&sol16”&comma one&sol4”&time period

Torsion spring fittings

Garage doorway seals

Garage door screws

vertical track&comma horizontal keep track of&comma motor guidebook&comma cable&comma cable sleeve&comma exterior enhance bar&commaflag bracket&comma angle iron&comma jamb bracket&comma chain hoist&comma take care of&comma receiver&comma pin code lock&comma picture beam&comma wall switch and and so on&interval

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Garage Door Accessoreis Garage Door Hardware  Garage Door Hinge