Full Automatic 4000 Bottles Drinking Spring Water Filling Machine

Total Automated 4000 Bottles Ingesting CZPT Water Filling Device


    CGF series of washing, filling,capping three in one unit is a new kind equipment, which adopts the advanced engineering, and soak up several beverage manufacturers’ sights .It fulfills the manufacturing requirement about filling various bottle dimensions by way of one particular established. The suspension card bottleneck is adopted to make shifting the bottle dimension far more hassle-free. It can provide the bottles immediately by blind and then washing,filling,capping by purchase instantly. It is unattainable to cover lids when the bottles are’t up to the minimal amount, or never arrive to the minimal attainable, or to modify the speed freely, for it employs the advanced PLC method and frequency conversion and pace management system. The operate of touching the monitor enables the procedure less difficult and faster. It is mostly used to non-carbonated beverage, this kind of as pure water, mineral drinking water,spring h2o,natural h2o and so on .

1. Air CZPT connects with bottle-in starwheels. Bottle neck holding transferred.
2. Clamp transferring technology varied from bottle kinds.
3. With little abrasion. Secure Transferring. Effortless to alter bottles.
four. With ring sort pressure bearing hydraulic cylinder.
5. With substantial filling velocity and actual liquid degree.
6. The bottle-out starwheel is of screw down form. No want to modify transferring chain’s height to various bottles.
seven. Effortless to function and keep.
eight. PLC and transducers and other primary electric powered areas are of entire world famous makes, these kinds of as OMRON, MITSUBISHI and many others

Full Automatic 4000 Bottles Consuming CZPT H2o Filling Equipment


a) Washing Component
The bottle is blew into the bottle shifting wheel, when the flushing clamp reaches the bottle neck, the jaw will clamp the bottleneck, below the advice of the rail, the clamp will change the bottle 180°into an upright position, by means of next bottle pusher into the filling position.(the complete machine is made up of 14~40 sets of clamps )

b) Filling Component
The filling component is manly composed of a filling valve and filling transmission parts. The washed bottle reaches the filling position by means of the bottle shifting wheel. In the mean time, the bottle clamping plate of the filling device will clamp the bottle and transfer up to seal the bottle, filling valve will open, ship the liquid into the bottle. When the liquid level of the bottle reaches the trachea of the filling valve, the filling will stop.

c) Capping Portion
The capping element is made up of five~twelve sets of screw head, capping transmission component, a sorting portion and an beneath go over tube elements. The bottle which has completed filling will enter the capping position by way of the driving wheel. The photoelectric detection of the detecting signal detects the bottle, send out a message to the valve go over, the cylinder cap will open, the caps will be blew into the go over plate by compressed air. The screw head which has magnetic torque will occur down when it receives in a straight line with the bottle cap, the rotary cap ring equipment seizes the cap and go CZPT, the cap lid the bottle and screw. When the torque out numbered the altered magnetic , the capping head will instantly slip, thus safeguard the cap from currently being broken by the rotary cap ring equipment. Bottles that have completed capping will be transported by the bottle pusher to the conveyor belt.


Air conveyor (Totally free of demand)

one/Air conveyor is mounted on the floor, with admirer mounted on the prime.

2/Air filter is positioned at each and every entrance of air enthusiast, to prevent dust blown into bottles.

three/Bottles are held on the neck in the conveyor and transported into filling device by blowing electrical power. 


Flat conveyor(Totally free of demand)

one/Vitality saving. Substantial productive. Adapt to consumer factory format

two/Particular lubrication technique, maintain merchandise clean, wellness, basic safety

3/Prolonged service existence

four/CZPT eyes style hold complete line managing safety and quickly

PLC Management

Complete Automated 4000 Bottles Ingesting CZPT Drinking water Filling Equipment


Design CGF
Washing No eight twelve 18 24 32 40
Filling No eight twelve eighteen 24 32 forty
Capping No 3 6 6 8 ten twelve
Potential(500ml) 2000BPH 4000BPH 7000-8000BPH 10000-12000BPH 12000-15000BPH 15000-18000BPH
Power 2kw 3.5 kw 4kw 4.8kw 7.6kw eight.3kw
Fat 2T two.2T 3T 4T 8T 12T
H2o PET bottle and so on
Bottle Necessity
Diameter Φ fifty-110mm
Bottle Height one hundred fifty-340mm
Volume two hundred-2000ml
Suitable bottle PET round or sq.
Cap information
Cap Type CZPT Screw Cap
Cap dimensions 28mm or 30mm Neck for PET Little Bottles
Components suppliers
PLC,Contact screen, SIEMENS,Germany
Electrical power Switch Schneider,France
Photoelectric swap Autonics,Korean

Besides,I believe this details you will be intrigued in:

one.Min get: 1 established equipment

2.Installment:If you needed, We will ship technicians to the manufacturing unit following preparation work is finished.

three.New Service:
. five years of right after-product sales monitoring: the very first year is cost-free, and the service fee will be charged in the second year
  b.  If you need to have it, you can permit your engineers come to our manufacturing facility for free instruction.
  c.  If it is a larger generation line, let our engineers go to your manufacturing facility for suggestions.
  d.  Provide skilled one particular-on-one particular provider.

Full Automatic 4000 Bottles Drinking Spring Water Filling Machine