Food Grade Powder Transfer Small Spiral Inclined Screw Conveyor Elevator Equipment

√  Description of Food Quality Powder Transfer Little Spiral Inclined Screw CZPT CZPT Equipment 

The worm conveyor’s primary perform is to transfer bulk supplies from one approach to one more. Screw conveyors are extremely price-effective and demand small upkeep to run.  It allows multiple inlets and outlets.

√  Notes of worm conveyor
[conveying length]: significantly less than 30 meter
[conveying temperature]: considerably less than 200ºC
[conveying potential]: significantly less than 100m³/h
[application industry]: suited for various industries: foodstuff, chemical, electrical energy, metallurgy, mining etc…

√  Features
one. Installation, disassembly and maintenance is quite handy, and lower failure fee
2. Easy construction, little size, so the occupied region and area is not extremely big
3. Can have multiple feeding port and discharging port as necessary
4. Straightforward to kind the manufacturing line, can be connected with packaging products, storage equipment, mixing equipment or screening tools
5. Can be CZPT with hopper or operating wheels and others

√  CZPT parameters

Design LS100 LS160 LS200 LS250 LS315 LS400 LS500
100 160 two hundred 250 315 400 500
Screw pitch
a hundred one hundred sixty 200 250 315 355 four hundred

CZPT parameters

N(r/min) one hundred forty 112 a hundred 90 eighty 71 sixty three
Q two.two eight 14 24 34 64 100
N(r/min) 112 90 80 seventy one sixty three fifty six fifty
Q 1.7 7 twelve twenty 26 fifty two 80
N(r/min) 90 71 sixty three fifty six fifty forty five forty
Q one.4 6 ten sixteen 21 forty one sixty four
N(r/min) 71 50 fifty forty five 40 36 32
Q one.1 four 7 13 sixteen 34 52

√  For Selecting diverse kind according to your unique circumstance:
Kind one: Horizontal variety
Kind 2: Inclined sort
Type 3: Combined sort
Kind four: Tube type
Kind 5: U shape
Variety six: Hopper type with other conveying system jointly.

 √  How to choose worm conveyor for you:
1. What is the conveying content and its bodily qualities? These kinds of as bulk density, feeding dimension, temperature, mositure articles etc.
two. What is the processing potential for each hour?
three. What is the inclination angle essential?
four. What is the conveying duration or tell us the length from inlet to outlet?

Tell us people data and let us make the proper resolution for you.


Food Grade Powder Transfer Small Spiral Inclined Screw Conveyor Elevator Equipment