Flexible Grain Seeds Rice Corn Maize Wheat Loading Powder Conveyor

Versatile grain seeds rice corn maize wheat loading powder conveyor

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The little grain suction equipment is a variety of small gear specially designed for rural grain transportation, loading, destacking and storage. It has little measurement, light bodyweight, effortless to shift, substantial grain suction efficiency, minimal breakage rate, wide use events and security Reliability and other qualities, it is really ideal for specific farmers, grain expert homes and agricultural cooperatives.

It can also be used in farms, feed factories, food factories, plastic factories, etc. to transport pellets. It can transport wheat, soybean, corn, rice, sorghum, plastic, resin, rice and other particles. It can be transported horizontally and obliquely. Compared with any delivery method, the shipping value is lower. It alterations the classic supply technique, liberates labor, and is hassle-free and applicable.



one. Compact composition, powerful and sturdy, exceptional efficiency.

2. Energy configuration: 380v voltage, 3-period asynchronous motor, applicable to a broader assortment of instances, safe and trustworthy, not easy to lead to mishaps.

three. Special coil spring structure, low noise and high productiveness.

four. The complete device is light in weight, tiny in area and simple to install.

5. 1 device is flexible, it can suck grain, but also granular granular fertilizer, feed, chemical items and other non-corrosive granular components.

CZPT parameters:

Model Specification
DLC100-four Out diameter: 4m, length: 4m
DLC120-six Out diameter: 4m, length: 6m
DLC160-4 Out diameter: 4m, duration: 4m

Flexible Grain Seeds Rice Corn Maize Wheat Loading Powder Conveyor