Filled  Bottle Conveyor Machine

CZPT Description

PDSS-00 loaded bottle conveyor line is constituted by a variety of conveyor modules, configurated and linked in accordance with the real specifications. It largely includes a standard transport device, no-strain transmission unit, bottle deposit station, and so forth. The conveyor plays transport and storage capabilities in the total generation line, so that the containers could express among the various one equipment in the filling generation line.
For different containers, distinct chain plate supplies are selected. For PET bottles adopt plastic-metal chain plates and for glass bottles or cans use stainless steel chain plate.

Primary characteristics:
Modularized unit style

Modularized unit style contains a lot of functions, such as diversification, simplicity, strong interchangeable components, simple installation and upkeep, and so on. In accordance to diverse needs, generation capability and types of packing containers, Modularized unit layout could supply distinct conveying techniques, modular unit, electrical motor, handle manner. So it is really adaptable.

The conveying is sleek and trustworthy
The set up of bottle conveyor guardrail is in accordance to calculation needs At curve and lane modifying area, the variation of every bottle-belt velocity compute by experiment and idea(enhance or decrease geometric progressively) Insert ing synchronous management in between conveying belt and engine, make bottles in good condition in the conveying: Non-falling, non-block, non-jam.
CZPTal control of the case conveying technique is sophisticated and reasonable
In get to prevent bottle squeezing, bottle explosion in the bottle transportation, specially in large pace line, bottle belt management adopts the two interlocking and simple management.

Management parts have proximity change, photoelectric tube and so on.

Manage strategies are multifarious. In purchase to obtain regular conveying, we can select practicable management strategy according the design and style specifications of plane layout.

Bottle belt is compact in construction, reduced sound.
Bottle conveying belt motor adopts immediate relationship in between motor and bottle belt capstan alternatively of standard chain sprocket push, compact in composition, minimal sounds.
Easy procedure
Adopts centralized manage strategy, regular buttons management.
Lubrication technique
Adopts centralized and handbook lubrication techniques, time-saving, labor-saving.

CZPT parameters
Maximum potential: 48000BPH (TakeØ seventy five bottle for example)
Unistrand greatest speed: Vmax=72m/min
Relevant container: Beer bottle, PET bottle, Pop can
Unistrand conveyor cross part dimension(W× L): 116× 145mm
Link joint pitch: 38.1mm
Link joint width: 82.6mm
Chain pitch: 85mm
H2o for spray lubrication: two~3 m3/h
CZPT height: 1050 mm
Installed capability: According to the structure


Item Remark Ability
H2o Therapy Method   five-100T/H
Beverage Pre-treatment method Technique   five-60T/H
Filling production line Aseptic Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-43200BPH
Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock PET Bottle 12000-80000BPH
Rotary Blow Molding Device PET Bottle 12000-80000BPH
Hot Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-43200BPH
Extremely-clear (Middle Temperature) Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-43200BPH
Extremely-clean (ESL) Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-43200BPH
Bottled Water Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-80000BPH
3L-10L Large Bottle Drinking water Filling Line PET Bottle 16000-6000BPH
5L Large Bottle H2o Blowing-Filling-Capping Combiblock PET Bottle 2000-12000BPH
CSD Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-43200BPH
CSD Filling Line Glass Bottle 12000-43200BPH
CSD Filling Line Can 9000-30000BPH
Condiment (Soy sauce, Vinegar) Filling Line PET Bottle 5000-36000BPH
Condiment (Soy sauce, Vinegar) Filling Line Glass Bottle 5000-36000BPH
3L-5L Big bottle Edible Oil Filling Line PET Bottle 1000-6000BPH
Liquid Family & Individual Care Merchandise Filling Line PET Bottle 5000-36000BPH
Beer Filling Line PET Bottle 12000-48000 BPH
Barreled H2o Filling Line three/five Gallon 600-3000BPH
Downstream Packaging (PE Film Shrink Wrapper, Packer, Palletizer, and many others.) Program   5000-80000BPH
Shuttle-kind computerized warehouse system    
Stacking-variety automatic warehouse method    
Administration system of intelligent manufacturing facility    

Filled  Bottle Conveyor Machine