China Shacman 6X4 Semi Trailer Truck, Cargo Trailer Truck, Dump Truck Semi Trailer for Sale

China SHACMAN 6×4 semi trailer truck, cargo trailer truck, dump truck semi trailer for sale

Fuel efficient
one. Low drag coefficient of .fifty three, increasing gasoline effectiveness by 1.2%
2. Utilizes high electricity engine, reducing gearshift fee by 25%, growing fuel effectiveness by 3%
three. Immediate-shift gearbox decreases generate technique velocity by 22%, decreasing kinetic energy reduction, rising fuel performance by two%
4. rive axle utilizes CZPTpean common FAG low resistance routine maintenance bearing technological innovation and independent lubrication method, lowering friction and lubrication resistance, rising gasoline efficiency by one.eight%
five. Enhancements to cooling technique, consumption-exhaust system and tire resistance, rising gas efficiency by two.2%
6. Motor vehicle gasoline efficiency is increased by a total of 10%

Deadweight of only tons

one. Essential factors employ industry top engineering
2. Optimization of pipe and electrical traces
3. Optimization of the power distribution method, sturdiness improved by fifty%, doubled stress security
four. Upgraded electrical program
five. Frequency vibration examination, combined swap load existing is decreased by fifty moments, sensors use the latest non-make contact with technology, guaranteeing the trustworthiness of electrical methods.

6. Totally CZPT for motorists of all dimensions, gear change technique optimized, steady with driver routines
seven. Carried out thorough adjustment to the shock absorption system collectively with CZPTpe’s top R & D establishments
8. ynchronous double seal engineering, modern multi-layer “suction and separation” noise reduction technologies, creating a silent atmosphere using the technique of “acoustic shock coupling” damping technology.

one. Taxi utilizes frame structure design and style, anti deformation capability improved by 22.9%
2. Prolonged rearview eyesight, hydraulic retarder, engine braking technological innovation, disc brake, EBS braking is geared up, making certain optimum ranges of security
1. Gear change reminder, affordable reminder and fuel consumption screen support the driver accomplish greater driving efficiency
2. Multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, Bluetooth and other enjoyment programs makes it possible for a a lot more satisfying work environment


China Shacman 6X4 Semi Trailer Truck, Cargo Trailer Truck, Dump Truck Semi Trailer for Sale