Cationic PAM Coagulant for Waste Water Treatment

Cationic PAM coagulant for squander drinking water therapy.

Large high quality cationic PAM coagulant is a water- soluble higher polymer and extensively utilised in petroleum, paper generating, metallurgical, textile, chemical and surroundings security fields.

Cationic PAM Coagulant Specification:

Specs: Index:
Look: Off-White Granular Powder
Ionic Demand: Cationic
Particle Dimension: twenty-a hundred Mesh
Molecular Excess weight: 5-12 million
Cost Diploma: 5% -60%
Strong Material: 89% Min.
Bulk Density: About .six-.8
Particular Gravity at 25°C: 1.01-one.1
CZPTmmended Functioning Concentration: .one-.5%
PH Worth: 4-nine
Storage Temperature (°C): – 35

Coagulant Practical basic principle
Flocculation System: Adsorbing suspension particles, polymer chains entangle and cross-website link each other to kind bridging, and make flocculation composition enlarge and thicken, and has the capabilities of floor adsorption and electric neutralization. Reinforcing System: PAM molecule chain and dispersed phase form bridging bond, ion bond and covalent bond to enhance blend strength.

Application introduction of polyelectrolyte:
one. For flocculation, it can be utilised for recovering solid compound managing industrial effluent, domestic sewage and purifying drinking water, helping filtering, treatment method oc coal, mining, and properly drilling slurry substance and and many others.
two. For viscosity thicker, polyelectrolyte can be employed for oil/fuel drilling additives and h2o injection procedure in EOR(Enhanced Oil CZPTver).
three. For paper mills, it can be utilised for boost keeping rate of filling material, velocity dimensions filterability and white water sedimentation in the paper and then coagulate to boost the strength of paper.
four. PAM can also be utilized in textile industries.

When use PAM coagulant collection products, 1st make up dilute resolution, usually .one%-.three%, thus it is straightforward to mix with dealt with material to get the ideal result. When make up dilute resolution, try greatest to use h2o that is neutral or doesn’t incorporate metallic salt. When make up resolution, normally the temperature is among ten-40. When employed as paper-generating staying-support agent, density could not be too high, other-smart the paper size will look flocculation, usually it is between one hundred-300 PPM. When utilized as flocculation agent it is needed to pick sort and measurement of polyelectrolyte sequence merchandise according to pH price of treated material.
Cationic polyelectrolyte is suited for suspension remedy with unfavorable charge and containing organic and natural substance

Package deal:
The strong solution is packed in Kraft paper luggage with internal plastic luggage, with every single bag containing 25kgs.

Cationic PAM Coagulant for Waste Water Treatment