Brima 0.75kw Crane End Carriage Motor   Geared Motor

CZPT .75kw Crane Finish Carriage Motor / Geared Motor

CZPT focus in manufacturing BMS electric chain hoist, BMG wire rope hoist, BM electric powered chain hoist, Crane geared motor, Finish carriage ,Manual chain hoist

CZPT manufacturer items consist of:
* BMS electrical chain hoist from 125kg to 1ton
* BMG wire rope hoist from 3.2ton to eighty ton
* BM electric powered chain hoist from 250 kg to 50ton
* Crane geared motor
* Finish carriage
* Manual chain hoist

CZPT Crane geared motor with Buffer :

one. Pace reducer shell adopts excellent content
Solid Iron manufacturing,with higher precision CNC lathe machining,equipment manufactured of alloy metal material,vacuum carburizing pumping after careful calibration and abrasive,affect resistance,substantial safety aspect of 5 moments or more.

2. Buffer
The use of the flywheel cushion motor producted out of form,higher inertia,commence and brake are really clean,not large shaking.

three. Motor
Straightforward tp heat,higher force,minimal sounds,high functionality,high torque,little current,modest volume,strong output energy,large frequency can be utilised.

four. Electromagnet brake
Brake pressure,bolt directly change the braking power,brake pads with substantial wear resistance,lengthy provider life,substantial basic safety.

Product Electricity Poles Output Module Gear Ratio Velocity
50hz 60hz
BM-030 .25KW 4P M3,M3.five,M4 10:one 150rpm 180rpm
.25KW 6P 90rpm 120rpm
.4KW 4P 150rpm 180rpm
BM-050 .4KW 4P M3,M3.5,M4 8.five:1 176rpm 210rpm
.37KW 6P 115rpm 140rpm
BM-050(QX) .75KW 4P 176rpm 210rpm
.6KW 6P 115rpm 140rpm
BM-one hundred .75KW 4P M3,M3.five,M4,M5 7.7:1 188rpm 228rpm
.6KW 6P 123rpm 148rpm
.4/.13KW4P 4P 188/62rpm 228/75rpm
BM-100(QX) one.1KW 4P 188rpm 228rpm
.75KW 6P 123rpm 148rpm
BM-150 1.1KW 4P M3.five,M4,M5 13:one 114rpm 135rpm
.75KW 6P 67rpm 92rpm
.six/.2KW 4/12P 114/33rpm 137/45rpm
BM-a hundred and fifty(QX) 1.5KW 4P 114rpm 135rpm
1.1KW 6P 67rpm 92rpm
BM-two hundred one.5KW 4P M4,M5,M6 sixteen:1 92rpm 110rpm
one.1KW 4P 92rpm 110rpm
1.5KW 6P 61rpm seven.3rpm
.75/.25KW four/12P ninety two/30rpm 110/36rpm
BM-200(QX) 2.2KW 4P 92rpm 110rpm
one.5KW 6P 61rpm 73rpm
BM-300 two.2KW 4P M5,M6 sixteen:one 92rpm 110rpm
one.5KW 6P 61rpm 73rpm
1.five/.5KW 4/12P 92/30rpm one hundred ten/73rpm

one.What’s your merchandise selection?
We are specialised in producing electrical chain hoist,european wire rope hoist,manual electrical chain hoist,crane geared motor conclude carriage and etc.

two.When can I get the quotation?
There have mailbox and other get in touch with techniques in site,you can feel free to contace us.If we gained your enquiry,we will make contact with you and question you some thing essential about the goods that you really need to have,and then we will deliver you the quotation.

three.What info must I know if I want to get a quotation?
It is really crucial for buyers to know the specifications that you want to buy.So you ought to know the lifting height,design,pendant button and etc.So,we can send out you the quotation.More details can be offered if you make contact with us.

4.Why you select CZPT?
Prompt reply for inquiry inside 24hours
High capability and professional technological innovation
Rigid shipping and delivery inspection ensures
After-product sales support for you.

We will do our best to satisfy your needs.


Brima 0.75kw Crane End Carriage Motor   Geared Motor