Bl644 for Forklift Lift Truck Al Ll EL FL Lh Leaf Chains

ZHangCZPTg LEPAI Chain Co&interval&commaLtd&period As the skilled Forklift leaf chain&vertRoller chain&vertTiming chain producer &period LPC Chain would like to make very appropriate solutions  to all the valued customers at house and overseas&period of time” 

Our company owns more than one hundred sets of advanced and expert production equipments&comma  Perfect and arduous QC technique is executed in each and every method from materials acquiring to completed goods packaging&interval Also&comma we have passed the CZPT&colon 2015 Good quality Management Method Certification&period

We think “High quality is the life of the company&commaDelivery is the guarantee to the custmoers”&periodAnd we sincerely hopes to build earn-acquire business with overseas and domestic buyers  

ANSI No Pitch Plate Framework Plate Specifics Pin Detials Tensile Energy Typical Tensile Toughness Gross Fat
Thickness Width diameter Size
P&lparmm&rpar   T&lparmm&rpar W&lparmm&rpar mm L&lparmm&rpar Kn Kn kg&solm
AL322 nine&period53 2×2 1&period30 seven&period70 three&period58 six&period80 nine&period00 10&period20 &period23
AL344 9&period53 4×4 one&period30 7&period70 3&period58 11&period60 18&period00 20&period00 &period46
AL422 twelve&period70 2×2 one&period50 ten&period40 3&period96 8&period30 14&period10 16&period90 &period39
AL444 12&period70 4×4 1&period50 10&period40 3&period96 fourteen&period40 28&period20 35&period20 &period74
AL466 12&period70 6×6 one&period50 10&period40 three&period96 twenty&period50 42&period30 52&period70 1&period13
AL522 fifteen&period88 2×2 two&period00 12&period80 five&period80 11&period05 22&period00 27&period50 &period64
AL534 15&period88 3×4 two&period00 12&period80 five&period80 17&period00 33&period00 forty six&period00 1&period10
AL544 fifteen&period88 4×4 2&period00 12&period80 5&period80 19&period40 forty four&period00 fifty five&period00 1&period25
AL566 fifteen&period88 6×6 2&period00 twelve&period80 5&period80 27&period50 sixty six&period00 82&period50 1&period79
AL622 19&period05 2×2 two&period40 15&period60 five&period94 13&period00 37&period00 44&period40 &period86
AL644 19&period05 4×4 two&period40 15&period60 five&period94 22&period70 sixty three&period70 seventy eight&period80 1&period76
AL666 19&period05 6×6 two&period40 fifteen&period60 5&period94 32&period20 100&period10 118&period60 2&period60
AL688 19&period05 8×8 2&period40 fifteen&period60 5&period94 forty two&period20 133&period40 156&period60 3&period49
AL822 twenty five&period40 2×2 3&period20 20&period50 seven&period92 16&period00 56&period70 sixty eight&period60 1&period54
AL844 twenty five&period40 4×4 three&period20 twenty&period50 7&period92 29&period40 113&period40 135&period60 3&period00
AL866 twenty five&period40 6×6 three&period20 twenty&period50 7&period92 44&period20 a hundred and seventy&period00 202&period30 4&period46
AL1571 31&period75 2×2 4&period00 25&period60 9&period53 19&period60 88&period50 107&period10 2&period37
AL1044 31&period75 4×4 four&period00 25&period60 9&period53 36&period40 177&period00 203&period60 four&period68
AL1066 31&period75 6×6 4&period00 25&period60 9&period53 52&period30 265&period00 315&period30 7&period20
AL1088 31&period75 8×8 4&period00 25&period60 nine&period53 68&period50 354&period00 421&period20 nine&period94
AL1222 38&period10 2×2 4&period80 thirty&period50 eleven&period10 24&period30 127&period00 151&period10 three&period65
AL1244 38&period10 4×4 4&period80 thirty&period50 eleven&period10 43&period80 254&period00 299&period70 7&period05
AL1266 38&period10 6×6 four&period80 thirty&period50 eleven&period10 63&period20 381&period00 426&period30 10&period50
AL1288 38&period10 8×8 4&period80 30&period50 11&period10 82&period60 508&period00 568&period40 fourteen&period03
AL1444 44&period45 4×4 five&period60 36&period40 12&period64 fifty one&period30 372&period70 413&period60 10&period34
AL1466 forty four&period45 6×6 five&period60 36&period40 twelve&period64 seventy four&period56 559&period00 620&period40 15&period16
AL1644 50&period80 4×4 six&period40 41&period60 fourteen&period21 58&period00 471&period00 522&period80 twelve&period98
AL1666 50&period80 6×6 6&period40 41&period60 14&period21 eighty three&period80 706&period00 783&period60 19&period76
AL1688 fifty&period80 8×8 six&period40 41&period60 14&period21 109&period50 942&period00 1045&period50 25&period47

ISO Chain No&time period ANSI No Pitch Plate Structure Plate Specifics Pin Detials Tensile Energy Common Tensile Toughness Gross Fat
Thickness Width diameter Duration
P&lparmm&rpar   T&lparmm&rpar W&lparmm&rpar mm L&lparmm&rpar Kn Kn kg&solm
LH0822 BL422 12&period70 2×2 2&period00 twelve&period07 5&period09 eleven&period05 22&period20 27&period76 &period68
LH0823 BL423 twelve&period70 2×3 2&period00 twelve&period07 5&period09 13&period16 22&period20 27&period76 &period84
LH571 BL434 twelve&period70 3×4 two&period00 twelve&period07 five&period09 seventeen&period40 33&period40 forty one&period40 one&period13
LH0844 BL444 twelve&period70 4×4 2&period00 12&period07 five&period09 19&period51 forty four&period50 fifty six&period00 one&period28
LH0846 BL446 twelve&period70 4×6 two&period00 12&period07 5&period09 23&period75 44&period50 56&period00 one&period65
LH0866 BL466 twelve&period70 6×6 2&period00 12&period07 five&period09 27&period99 sixty six&period70 eighty one&period70 one&period96
LH 0571 BL488 twelve&period70 8×8 2&period00 12&period07 5&period09 36&period45 89&period00 109&period40 two&period61
LH1571 BL522 15&period88 2×2 2&period40 fifteen&period09 5&period96 twelve&period90 33&period40 43&period10 one&period07
LH1571 BL523 15&period88 2×3 two&period40 15&period09 5&period96 fifteen&period37 33&period40 43&period10 one&period27
LH1034 BL534 15&period88 3×4 2&period40 fifteen&period09 5&period96 20&period32 forty eight&period90 65&period60 one&period69
LH1044 BL544 fifteen&period88 4×4 two&period40 15&period09 five&period96 22&period78 66&period70 eighty four&period50 one&period89
LH1046 BL546 15&period88 4×6 two&period40 fifteen&period09 5&period96 27&period74 sixty six&period70 eighty four&period50 2&period40
LH1066 BL566 fifteen&period88 6×6 2&period40 15&period09 five&period96 32&period18 100&period10 125&period10 2&period80
LH1088 BL588 15&period88 8×8 2&period40 15&period09 5&period96 42&period57 133&period40 169&period50 3&period72
LH1222 BL622 19&period05 2×2 3&period20 18&period11 7&period94 seventeen&period37 forty eight&period90 sixty three&period60 1&period68
LH1223 BL623 19&period05 2×3 three&period20 eighteen&period11 7&period94 20&period73 forty eight&period90 sixty three&period60 2&period04
LH1234 BL634 19&period05 3×4 three&period20 eighteen&period11 7&period94 27&period43 75&period60 102&period80 two&period83
LH1244 BL644 19&period05 4×4 three&period20 18&period11 seven&period94 30&period78 97&period90 a hundred and twenty&period90 three&period18
LH1246 BL646 19&period05 4×6 three&period20 eighteen&period11 7&period94 37&period49 ninety seven&period90 120&period90 four&period01
LH1266 BL666 19&period05 6×6 3&period20 eighteen&period11 7&period94 44&period20 146&period80 190&period80 4&period73
LH1288 BL688 19&period05 8×8 3&period20 eighteen&period11 7&period94 fifty seven&period61 195&period70 238&period80 6&period29

LPC Chain has set up a complete established of high quality administration program which is presented with innovative inspection and check tools&time period LPC has been efficiently licensed by ISO9002 Top quality Management System&comma CZPT Top quality Management System&comma API certificate&comma ISO&solTS16949&colon2002 and ISO10012 measurement administration method&period of time Complete use has been manufactured of all varieties of advanced techniques and technology to get to excelsior producing&time period

Wonderful consideration has been compensated on environmental defense and energy preserving&interval The product nicely displays environmental security and energy preserving&period In 2015&comma LPC took the guide in getting ISO14001 atmosphere administration certificate and thereafter handed the inspection of cleanse generation and recycling economic system&comma successful the title of “ZHangCZPTg Green Organization”&time period

“We are often serving our consumers with our greatest goods&time period” LPC will often adhere to it business spirit of becoming useful&comma progressive&comma successful and excellent to make the leading intercontinental chain generate&time period


ZHangCZPTg LPC Chain Co&period of time&commaLtd&time period
Address&colon &num8th Shangbo Street&commaHangCZPT CZPT zone&commaZHangCZPTg&commaChina


Bl644 for Forklift Lift Truck Al Ll EL FL Lh Leaf Chains