Big Diameter Max Swing Diameter 2000mm Max Length 16m Heavy Duty CNC Lathe with Siemens GSK Fanuc CNC System Cw62140

CW 61/sixty two collection Horizontal Weighty obligation lathe

These lathes can execute to turn endfaces, cylindrical surfaces and intemal holes of marious parts as effectively as metric, inch, module and pitch threads.
The best slides can be operated indivedu-ally by power for reducing quick taper surface area also, can bturned automatlcally by means of the compound motion combining prolonged tudinal feed with the top 
slide feed, in addition, the machines may possibly be utilized for drilling, dull and trepHangCZPT. They are qualities of power, higher spindle pace, highrigidity. The different ferrous and non ferrous metals parts may be turned through the weighty cutting by carbon alloytools.

Heavy Responsibility Horizontal Lathe

1. Massive swing 1250/1400/1600mm
two. Bed width 970mm
three. Max. workpiece weight 10tons
4. 3m-18m length

one. This series heavy duty lather adopts 970mm wide rectangular induction hardened and ground bed guide ways, so of excellent stability, high rigidity, and with max. bearing 10tons between centers.
two. The main spindle is of precision roller bearing 3-point supporting structure
three. Saddle guide ways with Teflon belt coated, rotating tailstock quill structure to minimize friction and heat generation.
four. The machine are suitable for various turning works, such as turning of external and internal cylindrical surfaces, end faces, and turning of metric or inch threads, modular threads and diametrical pitch threads, etc.
5. Motorized short taper turning could be done by the top slide independently, and long taper’s motorized turning could be done by top slide combined with longitudinal feed.
6. Further more, these lathes can also carry out drilling, trepHangCZPT and boring processes, etc.
CZPT Accessories:
4jaw chuck, Steady rest,Follow rest, 4 positions tool post, Dead center, Manual tailstock, Center sleeve, Coolant system, Work light, CZPT tools, Foundation bolts and screws, Operation manual(English edition), etc.
Optional items:
**Big center rest
**Big center bracket
**Motor driven tailstock and tailstock with rotary quill
**Chuck guard, tool post shield, cable carrying chain

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Big Diameter Max Swing Diameter 2000mm Max Length 16m Heavy Duty CNC Lathe with Siemens GSK Fanuc CNC System Cw62140