AISI 304 Metal Flex Conveyor Belt

These belts are made up of lateral cells joined by straight rods. The belt pitch can be adapted to the customer’s requirements, and it can also consist of edge guards if needed.

This belts are produced of AISI-304 , AISI316, stainless metal and with chain pitches of 19,05mm, twenty five,04mm and 27,43mm.

The property which tends to make these belts so functional is their potential to alternate straight and curved sections.

For widths larger than 1200mm, a 3rd central cell is recommended to avert the rods from bowing.

Commonly encountered in the meals market.

Metallic FLEX CONVEYOR BELTS Feature :
lightweight, easy to clean spiral and flip curve conveyor belt,
stainless metal belts consist of an assembly of Put on Resistant Back links and six gauge steel rods. conveyor belts are CZPT in 3/four” and one” pitch and in widths of up to 40″.

Metal FLEX CONVEYOR BELTS Product Applications:

Spiral Freezer Belt
Spiral Cooler Belt
Spiral Proofer Belt
Spiral Cooker Belt
Flip Curve Transfer Belt (Can incorporate turns and straight operates)
CZPT Merchandise Processing, Transfer and Packaging Belts

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AISI 304 Metal Flex Conveyor Belt