4FT Glue Coating Machine

Our organization was founded in 1991, specializing in the manufacturing of synthetic board machinery and equipment. It has now produced into a established of scientific analysis, manufacturing and product sales as one of the modernizations of wood-based panel machinery producing enterprises.

So, you just have faith in us, we will carry the ideal products and best support to you. We are keen to support your organization development even more and greater.

We can offer wooden log slicing, wood log debarker, veneer peeling device, veneer clipping equipment, veneer stacking device, veneer drying machine, veneer splicing device, veneer glue spreader, veneer paving equipment, plywood chilly push machine, plywood sizzling push device, plywood edge trimming observed device, plywood sanding device etc. 

Meanwhile, we can CZPT all of the plywood machinery in accordance to client’s needs.

The plywood generation line flow as comply with:

Plywood Gluing coating device for plywood glue spreading

The glue spreader machine spreads the glue on the core veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, blockboard and so on. It has 3 rollers and four rollers. The one with three rollers is solitary-side glue coating equipment. The glue spreader with 4 rollers is double-aspect coating equipment. The glue spreader is divided into 4ft, 5ft, 8ft, 9ft and so on. It can be CZPT according to client’s need. It is developed with realistic style, glue coating averagely, saving cost, effortless operation and reduced price.

Plywood Glue Spreader-Functions:

one. Coating averagely, high productiveness, help save glue. Conserve staff and value
2.coating roller is  made by the large-high quality natural rubber, the squeeze roller is chromate remedy seamless steel pipe, the roller surface lined by stainless metal never has the rust bec of glue corrosion
3.Easy procedure and easy routine maintenance
four.used for plywood, main veneer coating and spreading

CZPT Specs:

Device Sort 4FT Normal DBL coating 5FT Normal DBL coating 8FT Normal DBL coating 8FT Pneumatic DBL coating
Machine No. YHGS-1400(A,B,C) YHGS-1500(A,B) YHGS-2700(A,B,C) YHGS-2700D
Roller quantity 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs
Functioning speed A,B: 24-90m/min, C: 31.45m/min 24-90m/min adjustable adjustable
Diameter of glue coating roller A: 246mm, B: 410mm, C: 320mm A: 246mm, B: 410mm A: 305mm, B: 410mm, C: 430mm 420mm WITH THREADING
Size of glue coating roller A,B: 1400mm, C: 1500mm 1600mm 2700mm 2700mm
Diameter of glue squeeze roller A: 217mm, B: 270mm, C: 210mm A: 217mm, B: 270mm A,B: 270mm, C: 292mm 270mm
Size of glue squeeze roller A,B: 1400mm, C: 1500mm 1600mm 2700mm 2700mm
Power of motor A: 3KW, B: 5.5KW, C: 4KW A: 4KW, B: 5.5KW A,B: 6.6KW, C: five.5KW 7.5KW(Major Machine)
Max. Veneer thickness A,B: 20mm, C: 40mm 20mm A,B: 30mm, C: 50mm 30mm
Max. Veneer width 1400mm A: 1400mm, B: 1500mm 2700mm 2700mm
All round size A: 2100*1300*1400mm,
B: 2100*a thousand*1500mm,
C: 2270*1240*1690mm
2300*1200*1400mm A: 3400*1300*1500mm,
B: 3400*1300*1600mm,
C: 4080*1200*1530mm
Machine’s weight A: 1000KGS, B: 2000KGS,
C: 2100KGS
A: 1100KGS, B: 2200KGS A: 2300KGS, B: 3200KGS,
C: 4500KGS

Plywood Glue Spreader-Photographs in Detail

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After twenty years’ expertise and advancement, it often adheres to the unbiased innovation and scientific growth way. Now major products and auxiliary goods stick to the industry demand from customers and improve ever more. Specializing in the production of numerous skilled plywood, flooring, laminated board, particleboard, MDF/HDF, OSB comprehensive strains and gear. Machines are also exported to twenty countries and districts in Asia, CZPTpe, Africa and America with high-top quality products and very best service, it has won the recognition of consumers interior China and abroad.

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4FT Glue Coating Machine